【Bed Sheet Recommendation】Hong Kong Bed Sheet Size and Best Bed Sheet Material Guide

If you want to sleep well, in addition to paying attention to mattress recommendations, choosing a good mattress, bed sheets also play a very important role in your sleep.

Before buying bed sheets, in addition to paying attention to the style, you should not ignore the importance of bed sheet materials, because the material is the key to your whether you sleep comfortably in bed. So, to find a good bed sheet to go with your mattress, let find out…is the higher the number of thread count, the better? What is the difference between different bed linen materials? Check out this bed sheet recommendation guide below today to find out more!

Hong Kong Bed Sheet Sizing

Before talking about bed sheet recommendations, of course, it’s important to know what the best bed sheet size for you and your mattress!

Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Pillow Cover Fits Mattress Width Below
Single Bed
(3ft Bed)
3’0″ x 6’3″

91 x 190 cm

210 x 270 cm 51 x 77 cm 2’6″ – 3’0″

76 – 91 cm

Standard Double Bed
(4ft Bed)
210 x 270 cm 4’0″ x 6’3″

122 x 190 cm

51 x 77 cm 3’6″ – 4’0″

107 – 122 cm

Double Super Size Bed
(4ft6 Beds)
210 x 270 cm 137 x 190 cm 51 x 77 cm 4’3″ – 4’6″

130 – 140 cm

Queen Size Bed
(5ft Beds)
245 x 280 cm 152 x 198 cm 51 x 77 cm 4’9″ – 5’0″

145 – 155 cm

King Size Bed
(6ft Beds)
290 x 290 cm 183 x 198 cm 51 x 77 cm 5’6″ – 6’0″

160 – 183 cm

The higher the thread count of the sheets, the better?  

When buying bed linen in Hong Kong, if you ask the advisors what kind sheets they recommended, the advisor will usually recommend the sheets with a high thread count like 400 thread count , because the higher the number of threads in the sheets, the finer the needle sand will be, which also means that the sheets will be more comfortable. In general, a one-inch needle yarn with about 200 thread counts is quite good.

However, when you want to buy a high thread count bed sheet, it is important to pay attention to whether the sheet is measured in “inches”. Some brands calculate in other units; hence the number of thread count may be greatly increased to more than 500, which does not accurately reflect the quality of the sheets.

Pick by high-yarn count instead of high-thread-count!

In recent years, many people buy bed sheets referring to the number of yarns. The thickness of the yarn is calculated by the number of yarns, the higher the number of yarns, the more precise the woven cloth, the softer the touch, the more comfortable it is, and the better the quality. In general, 40 counts are good, 60 counts are top product, and 80 counts are extremely fine material. If the sheet is considered purely by the number of yarns, the higher the value, the more this set of sheets would be recommended to your bedroom.


Recommended material for bed linen

There are many kinds of bed linen materials, and there are also different price range. To find out the most suitable sheet for yourself, of course, you must understand all kinds of different materials:


1. Tencel Bed Linen

Tencel bed sheet is an emerging bed linen material in recent years, the raw material is mainly wood, extracted from natural plant fibers, very breathable for hot sleeper, its not only suitable for summer use, but also suitable for use in humid climate in Hong Kong. Tencel sheet is silky smooth, but still durable with crisp feel. Because the number of trees cut down is limited during production, it is more environmentally friendly than other materials. Suitable for both hand washing or machine washing, so it is a recommended bed linen material for many people.

2. Cotton Bed Linen

If you’re looking for highly breathable materials, cotton will be the best bed linen choice for you. Pure cotton sheets are 100% natural and sweat absorbing, with moisture wicking nature which can absorb the moisture of the human body during sleep, effective in avoiding eczema caused by stuffy skin, reason why it is a popular material to date. Cotton sheets can be washed by hand and machine, but a large amount of insecticide and fertilizer are used in the planting process, which is criticized for not being environmentally friendly.

Among the many type of cotton bed sheets, including jersey sheets, percale weave cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are the most famous and most recommended. The cotton thread of Egyptian cotton is finer and tougher than ordinary cotton, with strong water absorption, sheets feel became softer after washing, not easy to pill, and relatively durable.

3. Silk Bed Linen

Silk has always been a luxury material, which is not only comfortable to touch with its and incredibly soft feel, but also beneficial to the skin and hair, and can reduce the friction with the skin and hair. However, silk sheets are very easy to snag in daily use, and they can only be dry cleaned, which is not convenient.

4. Anti-mite Bed Linen

In recent years, there have been many new microfiber sheet, focusing on different functions. The weather in Hong Kong is humid and the air quality is not very good, so many people are troubled by sensitive noses or sensitive skin. If you find that your sensitivity symptoms worsen every time you lie in bed, you may also be sensitive to dust mites!

Dust mites are very common in bed, and to solve dust mites problem, using anti-mite sheets is a very effective method. Emma Anti-Mite Mattress Protector oeko-tex certified with waterproof features to prevent water from damaging the mattress core and enhance mattress durability and is made with innovative Cairfull® material (100% polyester – wrinkle resistant) and Purotex® technology, using natural probiotics to effectively block nearly 90% of allergens, while removing moisture and providing you with a more comfortable and dry sleep, a popular choice for bed linen.


Difference between Flat Sheet and Fitted Sheet

When searching for bed sheets online, search results for fitted sheet may appear. What is the difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet? In fact, both flat sheets and fitted sheets are used as a cloth to protect the mattress, but flat sheet is usually a large cloth, where you need to hide the four corners of the sheet under the mattress manually, and fitted sheets adds a large rubber rib at the edge, making the process of wrapping the mattress simpler, and the edge will automatically wrap the corner of the mattress.

Fitted sheet is more convenient compared to traditional flat sheet, and more people recommend this bed sheet style, and most common bed sheet seen on the market are fitted. After reading the above bed sheet recommendations, I believe you also know what sheets are best for you, Emma mattress online store has a limited time offer, before buying bed linen, you may wish to see if Emma mattress has the right choice for you!

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